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All fluorescent lamps need a small amount of mercury to operate efficiently. With the increasing public focus on environmental awareness, fluorescent lamps have come under scrutiny because of the mercury they contain. Philips has led the industry for years in providing a low-mercury fluorescent solution that does not compromise performance.

Philips has always believed that a product can be good for the environment and provide the same, or superior performance. This belief led to one of the industry’s most innovative technologies. In 1995, Philips transformed the market by launching a line of linear fluorescent lamps featuring ALTO Lamp Technology. With this technology, Philips set a new standard by reducing the amount of mercury in T8 lamps to a then industry-low 3.5mg.

Now, 12 years later, Philips is setting the standard again with its ALTO II Technology. These new lamps are produced using only 1.7mg of mercury. Philips T8 Long Life and Extra Long Life lamps not only have the lowest mercury content on the market – they have the longest rated life without sacrificing light output. To further recognize Philips commitment to the environment, only recycled mercury is used in the lamps they produce. Philips is now working to cut mercury levels even further. That’s why Philips ALTO II lamps with their signature green end-caps have become synonymous with environmental responsibility .

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