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The End is Near for Mercury Vapor Ballasts

Effective January 1,2008, mercury vapor ballasts can no longer be manufactured or imported into the United States. This will include lighting fixtures that incorporate these mercury vapor ballasts. This new provision is part of the Energy Policy Act signed into law in August 2005 in order to address efficiency matters regarding energy generation, transmission, distribution and consumption.

Mercury vapor lighting can often be found in outdoor lighting applications such as parking lots, streets, landscapes and commercial properties. As technology has developed, these mercury vapor lighting systems have become inefficient in comparison to other solutions. The intent of this new law is to eliminate the use of these inefficient systems and replace them with more environmentally friendly technology, such as metal halide, high pressure sodium and fluorescent lighting systems. After January 1, as mercury vapor ballasts fail, fixtures and ballasts will need to be replaced. The initial cost of replacing the lighting systems will be higher, but in the long run they will save the consumer energy and money.

Though the ballasts are being outlawed, the mercury vapor lamps( Mogul base, Medium base, Reflectors, and self ballasted) will still be legal. These lamps will still be used in existing mercury vapor lighting systems that are still in operation. Though Mercury vapor lamps can also be run on metal halide ballasts, switching to a complete metal halide lighting system will give you a much higher quality of light as well as being energy efficient.

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