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Green LED Light bulbs Shine in a Variety of Places

LEDs, light emitting diodes, have been around since 1962. While you may not have realized it, these bulbs have produced the red and green lights on your remote controls and electrical devices for years.

LED lights are solid-state electric components that emit visible light when electricity is applied. Unlike a standard light bulb, the heating of a filament is not required to create light. LEDs require less energy to operate, generate little or no heat and are resistant to vibration and shock. Considered a directional source of light, they convert almost all of the energy used into light. This reduces the amount of wasted light common with other types of bulbs. LEDs can have a life up to 100,000 hours, with a replacement cycle of up to 10 years.

Many EXIT signs and Exit Sign Retrofit replacement sets utilize LED technology for their brightness and energy savings.

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