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Halogen Irc

Today, a lot of attention is on CFL lamps and their energy saving features. CFL’s are a great choice for residential, hospitality and some commercial environments. However, in retail, showroom and display applications, the excellent light quality of halogen lamps can increase interest and ultimately, revenues. Halogen lamps produce a bright, white light, that when used as a focal or ambient light source, enhance the color and appeal of both product and atmosphere.

Over the years, leading manufacturers have improved halogen technology to increase lamp efficiency without sacrificing the quality of light produced. The most recent technology involves the use of a new infrared (IRC) coating. The infrared coating is applied on the inside of the lamp which helps manage the heat, making the lamp much more efficient. This reduces the amount of energy (watts) needed to operate the lamp. Optimal lumen output is achieved while saving energy. Philips Energy Advantage IR lamps offer significant energy savings and get up to 67% longer average rated life over standard halogens. These lower wattage lamps also emit less heat, providing a possible reduction in HVAC costs.

Ideal for retail, display and high-end commercial applications, Philips Energy Advantage IR Halogens are available in MR16 and PAR shaped lamps. Philips Energy Advantage IR lamps make it easy to optimize the look and feel of your merchandise and the shopper’s experience, with lower operating costs.

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  1. * Jennifer says:

    I’d Like to find out whether the manufacturers of IRC globes are able to reproduce this same outcome in an aluminium backed globe.
    Many new downlights in the Australian Market will do not deal succesfully with the heat directed backwards from a standard dichroic and must be relamped with cool fit lamps only.
    Should the IRC globe become the new standard as far as minimum efficiancy performance standards (MEPS) in Australia will there be a suitable cool fit globe available?
    Should we be discouraging the sale of such fittings?

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 12 months ago

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